ICE21 Treatment in Vaughan

Located in one of the hotspots of Vaughan ICE21CANADA offers the in-demand solution for weight loss and skin treatment. Our location in Vaughan affords us the ease and opportunity to freeze your body fat away in an exercise-free environment.

Apart from being very accessible, our location in Vaughan is also convenient for most residents. The environment is cozy and comfortable, allowing you to get the required results with ease.

Exercise and Dieting

Dieting and exercise have been touted as the holy grail for weight loss but they have been proven to be largely ineffective or at best a slow process. While these two methods work when put together, they will only help you to lose a few pounds of weight after investing a lot of time and effort.

Do you want to lose tons of weights with ease? ICE21CANADA has the solution you seek. Scientific advances have given room for more effective treatment methods that are guaranteed to yield reasonable results in record time. Why bother yourself with methods that are not as effective as you want.

Exercise and dieting can still be mixed with ICE21 treatment but the treatment can stand alone on its own. The location allows visitors to engage in several weight loss programs and exercises that would fast track their weight loss goals.

What We Offer

Our goal in ICE21CANADA is to help you to reach your weight loss and aesthetic goals. Our services are for people searching for how to lose fat, how to lose weight, or the best way to remove fat. We offer two unique technologies that have been proven to be very effective in eliminating any type of fat cells.

Our two solutions, administered with the ICE21 treatment device are backed by research and scientific advancement. We eliminate fat cells with cold treatment and electric stimulation. The ICE21 device comprises a thermostat which plays a vital role in reducing the body temperature to the optimal level to destroy fat cells. Electric stimulation is also very effective in destroying most fat cells.

Some other services we offer such as infrared skin tightening, vein removal, and skin rejuvenation can help you to look younger and more beautiful. Our solutions are proven to remove dark spots, improve skin looks, and eliminate wrinkles. We also treat UV damages, vascular and pigment treatment for the face, and so on.

Why ICE21 Treatment?

Unlike most other weight loss treatment processes, ICE21 helps us to achieve remarkable results from the first application. Moreover, the process is non-invasive and also comfortable. This makes it suitable for anyone in any condition. The ICE21 treatment is very effective and has a lot of functions as discussed below.

  • Improves skin tones and makes the muscles firm.
  • Stimulates muscles below or above the lymph nodes and thus resulting in lymphatic drainage.
  • Improves skin shaping while also making the dermis firmer.
  • Improves and restores the metabolic processes of the cells while also improving reproductive functions.

We employ highly effective fat reduction methods leveraging best practices. Our aim and objectives are to improve the quality of your life. Our professionals are experts in administering ICE21 treatment.

We are always available to respond to our clients and to answer your questions. Feel free to contact our experts any day and at any time. You can even visit our Vaughan office to discuss one on one with our experts. You can also call, email, or leave a message in our contact form. Take advantage of the affordable and effective fat treatment service to regain and improve your life and eliminate fat-related health problems.

ICE21 in Vaughan is located in a convenient location for you to freeze the fat away with the latest technology designed for melting your fat while you enjoy the relaxing exercise free environment. If you have ever felt that you have a few extra pounds that are difficult to lose even after you have tried all of the different types of fitness and diet plans which exist. Then you might want to try ICE21 for melting your fat. We have the best methods and practices along with the technology proven for removing the fat and restoring your life.

If you are searching for how to lose weight, how to remove belly fat, best way to remove fat, or how to lose fat. Then you have come to the right place. At ICE21, we are here to help you with your weight loss goals and are here to guide you and provide you with support so you can achieve your best looking appearance and feel better and healthier.


ICE21 has the following functions:

  • Stimulation of the microcirculation with draining effect.
  • Lipolytic activation through fat cells.
  • Dermis firming and skin reshaping.
  • Lymphatic drainage through stimulation of muscles underlying or overlying the lymph nodes.
  • Skin and muscular firming.
  • Restoration of cellular metabolic functions, with an increase in the reproductive functions.

The combined action of the two techniques allows us to achieve visible and tangible results from the first application, in a comfortable and non-invasive way.