About ICE21

Excess body fat has always been a problem for so many people. Statistics show that 61.3% of adult Canadians were obese or overweight in 2015. Moreover, so many health problems are linked to overweight and obesity. These include heart disease and strokes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, to mention a few.

Although these are scary facts, the good news is that you can effectively reduce your body weight and burn off excess fat. How would you do that? ICE21CANADA has got you covered.


With weight loss scams on the increase, you need a proven and tested solution. ICE21CANADA offers solutions based on technology and research. The advance in technology has afforded proven solutions that can help to eliminate large amounts of excess body fats at once. Backed by innovation, ICE21CANADA leverages two cutting edge technologies to eliminate body fat.

These technologies are based on cold treatment and electric stimulation. As weird as they sound, these are very effective and tested processes that have been shown to yield fast results. Cold treatment involves the exposure of the body to the extreme cold at 0 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the body fat would form a mass that can be removed from the body. Fat cells are also killed in the process.

Some types of fats are especially sensitive to cold. A good example of such fat cells includes adipose fat cells. With the cold treatment process, these fat cells are made to slowly and gradually die, yielding the required results.

Electric stimulation is also a very effective ICE21 treatment method used in eliminating excess body fat. To achieve this, different electric waves are passed through the body. This produces varieties of movements on the muscles which reduces the body fat content while also toning the skin.

The ICE21 Device

The ICE21 device is very useful in achieving the aforementioned results, namely cold treatment and electric stimulation. This device tones the temperature to the optimal level to ensure that the fat cells are properly dealt with.

Thanks to ICE21, it is possible to achieve lipid elimination and necrosis of fat cells. ICE21 achieves the optimal temperature through the use of a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the body. This ensures that the temperature is kept at the optimal level for healthy body cells but zero levels for fat cells.

Our experts at ICE21CANADA administers the treatment process in a controlled way during each session. You can be sure of a remarkable fat reduction throughout the process.

Why Choose Us?

Our decades’ long experience in weight loss and skin treatment set us apart from the crowd. We rely on technology and innovation to achieve the required results. ICE21CANADA does not only specialize in weight loss programs but we also offer a lot of skin treatment and laser hair removal treatments.

Our skin treatment methods include skin rejuvenation, infrared skin tightening, vein removal, and vascular & pigment treatment. We also offer UV damage and pigmentation correction treatment for your hands.

Although these services are offered by industry experts, we also make sure that they do not cost more than you would expect. We offer competitive pricing on each of our services. On top of that, you can easily contact our experts for advice on the best treatment method.

As a locally owned Canada business, we are committed to quality and excellence. You can get in touch through email, phone or you can even leave a message in the contact form. ICE21CANADA guarantees zero degrees fat melt on the treatment process, thanks to technological advances.



Research, Development and Innovation Are Our Strength.


ICE21CANADA works with 2 technologies, one is by freezing away fat by exposing it to cold temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Second, is electric muscle stimulation which helps tone and firm the skin.

ICE21 is a device for physical treatment by cold which uses also different electric waves that produce different movements on muscle bundles; to obtain results like reduction of widespread or local fat, toning up and muscle recovery. Adipose fat cells are sensitive to cold, and at the working temperatures of the device; they undergo a process of slow and gradual spontaneous emptying called “apoptosis” (programmed cell death).

The elimination of the lipids, located at interstitial level, from the human body is carried out by liver, gastrointestinal tract and lymphatic system, in approximately 15 days- 20 days.

Necrosis is a form of cell death due to acute stress or cellular trauma, on the contrary, Apoptosis is carried out in an orderly and regulated way, with a benefit during the life cycle of the organism. Blood and epithelial cells, for example, are constantly renewed from their stem cells progenitors; but this proliferation is compensated by a constant cell death. In one year, the changed cell mass is equal to the mass of the body itself.

During the session, in a controlled way by a thermostat, ICE21 decreases the temperature of the plates.

The plates located on the skin for all the duration of the treatment cause the cooling of the skin itself and the process of apoptosis starts. Muscle stimulation, working at the same time, will help and speed up this process. The thermal shock caused by vasoconstriction given by the cold and vasodilation given by muscle movement, will also stimulate the fibroblasts in the production of elastin and collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid.