The Best Weight Loss Program in Barrie

Excess body fat does not affect your looks, it comes with a lot of health problems. A lot of medical conditions such as some kinds of cancers, diabetes, and heart disease are related to obesity and overweight. Sadly, most Canadians (over 60%) are either overweight and obese, leading to a high rate of heart disease and diabetes among Canadians. To make the matter worse, most people who pose as weight loss experts are all out to rip people off their hard-earned money.

Do You Need Exercise and Dieting?

Weight loss scam is on the increase. Besides, most people waste their lives trying to lose weight through exercise and dieting with little or no success. Some people even go through surgeries just to lose weight and in some cases, they do not achieve the required result or success.

Of course, dieting and exercise do work, especially when combined, but their success rate is snail-paced. If you want to lose weight fast, you can try the effective weight lost solutions offered by ICE21CANADA.

What ICE21 CANADA Offers

ICE21 CANADA relies on technology and scientific innovations to remove excess fat all at once. By using the ICE21 device to which is a physical treatment device, experts at ICE21 CANADA can remove fats through cold treatment and electric stimulation.

The first method removes fat by reducing body temperature to zero degrees Celsius. At this temperature, some fat cells, especially the cold-sensitive adipose fat cells undergo a process known as apoptosis in which they gradually die. Lumps of fats can be removed within minutes through this process. This helps to lower body fat and improve a person’s quality of life. With the thermostat built into the ICE21 device, the device can regulate the body temperature during the cold treatment process.

Electric stimulation is another important process for eliminating excess body fat. This involves sending electric waves of various forms to the body which in turn produces movements on the muscle bundle. This reduces local fats while also toning up and recovering the muscles.

A Perfect Environment for Weight Loss

ICE21 is located in a strategic place in Barrie that makes weight loss very easy. The barrier location is not only convenient but accessible to everyone. A lot of gym and fitness equipment is also installed for visitors to work out during their weight loss sessions.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be so difficult. This is why ICE21 created excellent weight loss treatment programs to improve the quality of your life. Furthermore, ICE21 offers several other programs for skin treatment and hair removal.

Other Services Offered by ICE21 CANADA

ICE21 CANADA offers four major skin treatment services. These include vein removal, pigment, and vascular removal, infrared skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation. Each of these services can improve the tone and quality of your skin, making you look younger and better. The services can also reduce the effect of aging and the damaging effect of ultraviolet light.

Although the laser hair removal service is not available in Mississauga, ICE21 offers some of the best laser treatment in Vaughan. The rates are very affordable and you are guaranteed to get the best services.

Get in Touch

ICE21 CANADA is a locally owned and operated Canadian business to improve your life and looks. With offices in three locations in Canada, namely Vaughan, Mississauga, and Barrie, you can easily get the best weight loss and skin treatment services. You can visit any of the locations or contact the experts through email or call. Take advantage of these awesome services to improve your life and health.

At ICE21 Barrie we are here to provide you with the most convient way to lose fat so you can enjoy your day while getting your fat melted with the latest in fat loss technology. If you have fat which needs to be removed, but you are not willing to go through any extreme diet, surgery or exercise since you may have a health problem or injury preventing you from doing any of those methods then try ICE21 today for improving your fat loss situation. We help you with losing fat by freezing it. Not sure how that works? Well, basically fat cells are sensitive to cold and when you freeze them they die.

ICE21 gives you the most practical weight loss solution for your busy life. When you get a treatment at ICE you will want to get more, because your fat will be melting away with every treatment. So contact us today to start your fat losing lifestyle and freeze your fat for a better and healthier body and life.


What Makes ICE21 So Great


  • Stimulation of the microcirculation with draining effect.
  • Lipolytic activation through fat cells.
  • Lymphatic drainage through stimulation of muscles underlying or overlying the lymph nodes.
  • Skin and muscular firming.
  • Restoration of cellular metabolic functions, with an increase in the reproductive functions.