Different body cells behave differently when exposed to cold. Body fats, in particular, may be affected by varying degrees of cold. When exposed to some degrees of coldness Adipose fat cells may experience a slow and gradual death, a process known as apoptosis.

What is Coolsculpting?

Also known as cryolipolysis, coolsculpting is a cosmetic surgery or treatment process done to eliminate fat from the body. It is achieved by freezing fat cells from the targeted area of the body. Coolsculpting comes in where exercises and dieting fails. It removes fat from difficult areas of the body.

Coolsculpting does not require surgery or cut. In other words, it is a noninvasive way to lose fat. Liposuction, which is often considered to be a similar fat reduction process, involves surgery and anesthetic and carries a lot more risk than coolsculpting.

Success Rate of the Coolsculpting Method

Coolsculpting is generally held as a very safe way to lose weight. It is effective in removing fat from most parts of the body. Several researches have been published on this cold treatment method and this research shows that it is not only safe but also effective.

In a 2015 research, people who engage in coolsculpting lost up to 30% fat in areas of the body treated with this method. This method was found to perform better than some other methods like an ultrasound and even liposuction.

Moreover, there are no major health risks associated with coolsculpting and cold treatment. Coolsculpting does not reduce the function of the liver, neither does it minimize lipid levels.

ICE21 Treatment Method for Coolsculpting

As a locally owned and operated Canadian business, ICE21 Canada offers some of the best cold treatment and coolsculpting services around. By using the ICE21 device, experts at ICE21 can eliminate excess fat from several parts of your body.

Using the latest freezing technology, lumps of fats can be removed within hours. ICE21 removes fat in two ways, using the cold treatment and electric stimulation. During the process of electric stimulation, different forms of electric waves are channeled to the body which produces different movements on the muscle bundles.

ICE21 Canada also offers a lot of other services such as skin treatment and laser hair removal. The skin treatment service includes skin rejuvenation, infrared skin tightening, vein removal, and vascular & pigment treatment.

Does ICE21 Treatment or Coolsculpting Have Side Effects?

Coolsculpting or other crolipolysis are non-invasive procedures and so they do not involve medications that cause allergies, neither do they require cuts or anesthesia. In other words, it has lower side effects. However, cool sculpting does have some side effects or minor complications.

Some of the most common side effects of cool sculpting include swelling, skin redness, sensitivity, localized pain, bruising, and so on. No case of scarring, bleeding, or changes in skin pigment has been recorded.

How to Access Coolsculpting Treatment

Coolsculpting is not a very popular treatment method. However, it is a very effective one. ICE21 treatment offers a lot of other interesting benefits such as firming, draining of fluid retention, reduction of fat and cellulite, increase in hyaluronic acid, and metabolic activator.

ICE21 makes it available and accessible within your neighborhood. Located in very convenient locations in Mississauga, Vaughan, and Barrie, visitors can easily and conveniently access the services offered by ICE21. In need of expert coolsculpting service, feel free to call, email, or contact experts at ICE21 Canada. You are only a call away from the service. You can even call for professional advice or chat with the customer service team directly via the website. ICE21 treatment is all about improving your life and health.