Coolsculpting is a very effective weight loss method that involves fat reduction through cold. Exposing the body to low temperature is often considered to be dangerous but it is not entirely true. While extreme cold could be dangerous, at certain temperatures, only fat cells will be affected by the cold. Reducing the temperature to this level will help to break up and kill fat cells and also remove them from the body. This is the process involved in coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting – a novel way for fat reduction

Coolsculpting is categorized as a cosmetic treatment process. Like most other cosmetic treatment methods, coolsculpting is a non-invasive process. In other words, it does not involve any cut, surgery, or anesthetics. Although it is a very effective process, cool sculpting may not work for everyone and it may also not work in some conditions. Coolsculpting is only used in removing fat in specific areas of the body. Also, it is not a miracle treatment method and it will not remove fat completely from the body. Furthermore, cool sculpting will work better when combined with some other methods such as massaging or even dieting.

However, a lot of remarkable successes have been recorded on this fat treatment method. In a study carried out by experts from the University of Kentucky, Duke University, and Loma Linda University which analyzed 19 cases of cryolipolysis, people involved in the study lost about 14.67 to 28.5 percent of fat in the treated area.

FDA-Approved Treatment Method

This treatment method was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010 for reducing fat in the flank. It is also approved for the treatment of fat bulges in the thigh, flank, abdomen as well as submental and submandibular areas.

It should be noted that this treatment method is suitable for patients whose body weight is close to or at their ideal body weight. It is also used in treating stubborn fat cells especially those fat cells that are set during childhood and adolescence. Such fat cells are very difficult to reduce or eliminate even for people engaged in strenuous exercise and dieting. Although these fat cells may vary from one individual to the other, the easiest way to remove or reduce them is through cool sculpting.

Important Things You Should Note About CoolSculpting

Although it is a very effective treatment method, cool sculpting is not for everyone. This procedure is not suitable for people suffering from some medical conditions such as cold agglutinin disease, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, and cryoglobulinemia. Also, if you have allergies, pre-existing hernia, or recently did the surgery, this procedure is not for you.

Even though it is a non-invasive method, cool sculpting may have some side effects. During the session, you may experience stinging, pulling, intense cold, aching, and so on. You may also experience some mild side effects after the treatment process. Examples of the side effect include sensitivity, skin redness, localized pain, swelling, bruising, to mention a few.

ICE21 Treatment and CoolSculpting

The ICE21 treatment method administered by ICE21 Canada makes use of cool sculpting. By using the ICE21 device, electric waves of various kinds can be channeled to the body which produces different movements on the muscles. The built-in thermostat helps in regulating body temperature and achieving the desired result.

Cold treatment by ICE21 not only reduce the body fat but it will also improve your body tone and looks. Feel free to contact the experts at ICE21 Canada to discuss your unique needs and get expert services. You can call, email, or chat with the customer representatives online and take advantage of the extensive services offered by the professionals.